Saturday, October 17, 2009

Puran Poli

Puran poli is one very popular Indian festival sweet dish. Its basically a soft dough filled with a sweet lentil mixture , rolled and fried. Puran poli usually uses jaggery as the sweetner but here i've used sweetened condensed milk which gives a lovely milky sweetness.
I made this dish for the diwali festival, a festival of lights. I also wish all my Indian readers a very happy and safe diwali.

Now for the recipe you'll need..


200 gms All purpose flour (maida)
3 tbsps fine semolina
1 tbsp rice flour
pinch of turmeric
pinch of salt
200gms (2 cups) raw chana dal
1 tin (400gms) Sweetened condensed milk (milkmaid)
pinch of cardamom powder
Ghee or neutral oil for frying
water for dough


For the puran mixture:
Wash and cook chana dal in a pressure cooker with 4 cups of water. Give 4 whistles and let the steam escape before you take off the lid. Let it cool. Drain the water completely.

Grind the chana cal to make a thick paste. Transfer the paste to a non-stick pan. Add the sweetened condensed milk and cardamom powder and cook till the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan. Keep aside. This is the puran mixture.

To make the dough:
Combine all purpose flour, semolina, rice flour, turmeric, a pinch of salt with enough water to form a soft pliable dough.

Divide the dough into 10 equal parts. Also divide the puran mixture into 10 equal parts.

Using a rolling pin, roll the dough into a small disc, stuff each rolled disc with the puran mixture, enclose the stuffing with the dough from all the sides and flatten it lightly with both your palm. Now place this stuffed dough on a lightly floured work surface and roll it again to form a little larger discs. Use as much little extra flour required for rolling. This helps the dough to move easily on the counter.

Preheat a non stick pan or tawa. Place each rolled disc one at a time and fry each side by brushing little ghee or oil on both the sides till golden brown spots are formed on the surface. Follow the same with all the remaining dough and puran stuffing.

Serve hot or warm with a spoonful of ghee on top.


Sonu said...

Wish you & your family HAPPY DEEPAVALI greetings!!! Hope you had a wonderful and safe Diwali.
Milkmaid in Puranpoli...sound innovative idea. I love Puranpoli and want to make since ages. Your puranpoli looks so yum yum...! :)

Prathibha said...

Adding condensed milk is infact a great twist anything with condensed milk..

Jo said...

Hope you had a great Deepavali. Though I've not had this before it sure does sound delicious from the way you describe it .. a dessert in a wrap.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy Diwali! Those look extremely scrumptious! What a wonderful speciality!



mona said...

They look super yumm and perfect! I remember during my childhood, we enjoyed this with warm tea in the afternoons after the siesta.


Indeed is a great idea to add condensed milk ! I never get beautiful outcome like yours :)

Sushma Mallya said...

Adding condensed milk to this must have been really very delicious..and wonderful click too ramya...will surely try ur version soon

Parita said...

Puran poli looks yummy!

Shri said...

Looks beautiful Ramya and I am sure they tasted heavenly!I can never make it this way:)

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