Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Black Forest Brownies

First and foremost, i wish all my readers a very happy and a prosperous new year 2010!! Hope you all had a great time spending long holidays with family and friends with loads of good food.. I hope to bring you all good food and some good photography this year..
My first post this year are one of my favorites "Brownies".
I remember i had a good large black forest cake last year in Black forest. It was filled with cherries and cream.. It was simply delicious. The black forest brownies here use the same ingredients that are used in the famous "black forest cake" , except that they turn fudgy and gooey instead of cakey and creamy. Sour cherries, kirsch and chocolate are a known tested and tried combination. But for this recipe they all combine together to give a wonderful tasting brownie, which serves as a great dessert for all the brownie lovers out there. To make this brownie alcohol free, you can add the canned cherry syrup instead of kirsch. This brownie tastes extra special with some sweetened whipped cream. So do try this yummy treat!!

Recipe adapted from Brownies, einfach schokoladig. This is a great book with wonderful Brownie and Blondie recipes. Simple, yet delicious recipes.

I got this book on my hubby's birthday. I know, i should be presenting him with something on his birthday but in turn i got this book from him that day. I'm so lucky.. ain't i?? I recommend this book for people who are crazy about trying different kinds of brownies and blondies.. Till now, i've tried 4 recipes from that book and not one have disappointed me. All were a hit! Its the best book of brownies i've got. And yes, fyi, its a German book.

Recipe gives 12 big or 24 small brownies.


225 g milk chocolate, chopped (Use dark chocolate, if you like more intense chocolate flavor)
125 g butter, cut into cubes
3 tbsp cream
3 eggs, large
225 g fine sugar
2 tbsp kirsch or syrup from the canned cherries
160 g all purpose flour
100 g dark chocolate, chopped, or 100 g chocolate chips
465 g canned or glass sour cherries, (drained weight 175 g)[Can add more, as per your taste]

powdered sugar to sprinkle

1 Brownie form (20 x 25 cm) greased and lined with a baking paper


Preheat the oven to 180 deg C.

Combine milk chocolate, butter and cream in a small bowl and melt using a double boiler (place the bowl over another bowl with a simmering water). See that the bowl with the chocolate doesn't touch the water. Once everything melts together, take it out and let cool.

Beat the eggs in another bowl using a wooden spoon or a hand mixer until combined. Add in the sugar and kirsch and beat together until the mixture thickens a little bit.
Add in the melted chocolate-butter mixture.

Add flour in small batches and combine with a wooden spoon. Add the chocolate chips or chopped chocolate. Combine well.

Spread the batter evenly into the prepared pan and place the cherries on the batter evenly.

Bake the brownie in a preheated oven for 30 -35 minutes. Remove the pan and let cool.

Cut the brownie into 12 equal portions.

Serve the brownies with some powdered sugar sprinkled on it.

Storage: The brownie stays well in an air tight container at room temperature for up to 4 days.


Prathibha said...

yummy brownies......
feeling liek grabbing them now
loved that click on milk..looks super delicious..

Happy cook said...

Wow i want to have a slice of that brownie, well make it two.
Looks so moist delicous.

Anonymous said...

I love that smooth surface - makes me wanna touch it, and take a bite!

jayashree said...

Loved your Brownies !
It's a must -try recipe certainly .

Priya said...

Omg, such a beautiful brownies, feel like grabbing few rite now...

Jo said...

Hmmm ... you've definitely touched a soft spot! This looks ooh soooo good! Great clicks and happy new year.

Soma said...

I have never seen a more sinful and decadent looking brownie!

jayanth said...

sigh! your recipes makes me want to shed all resolutions :))

got any yummy diet recipes :). BTW...hosa varshada shubhashayagaLu.

Kevin said...

Black forest brownies sound so unbelievably good!


Wow,bunch of gorgeous pictures! I love the picture before baking topped with cherries!!Looks yumm!

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