Monday, August 18, 2008

Spinach and Carrot Pulao

This is a very simple microwave recipe. I got this recipe from Bawarchi. It can be done in minutes and Very tasty too..

Basmati Rice 1 cup
Chopped Spinach 2 cups
Finely chopped Carrots 1 cup
Ghee 2 tbsp
Sliced Onion 1
Saunf(Fennel seeds) 1 tsp
Cardamom 2 pods
Cloves 3-4
Red Chilli powder 1/4 tsp
Green Chillies 2
Cinnamon 1 inch piece


Soak rice for 30 min in a flat dish (microwave glass).

Add the ghee and spices with the onion.Microwave high uncovered for 3 min.Add spinach and carrots. Microwave high for 2 min.

Drain the water from the rice and add to the vegetables. Add two cups ofwater, salt and red chilli powder. Mix well. Microwave high covered for 12min.

Stir once after 5 min. Stand for 2 min.Fluff it up with a fork.

Serve hot.

There can be many variations done to this recipe.. You can add your favorite veggies (peas, potato..), a little pulav masala to make it more spicy or a tomato if you like it tangy.



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