Sunday, June 1, 2008


What makes a food blog good? Frequency of posting, pictures and videos, overall presentation, quality of writing, relevancy, usefulness and originality are all important, but mostly, it should be fun. I had created this blog just with the intention of sharing my work and recipes.. and had not expected an Award!! I thank Ramya of "Ramya's kitchen corner" for presenting me with the "Perfect Blend Of Friendship Award". Thanks a lot Ramya for considering me as your friend and reminding me of my good old days..

I would like to pass on this friendship award to
Jo of "Sugar & Everything Nice"
Vaishali of "Holy cow!"
Sweetiepie of "What Dessert for Today"


Jo of "Sugar & Everything Nice" presented me with the "Kreative Award". Thank you so much Jo and i'll definitely try to keep your expectations.

And here i'm tagged by Jo and Ramya for 7 Meme. Now i'll be passing on this award to 7 other fellow bloggers and before that i have a hard work to do.. So here i start!!

7 things I say most Often
1) Oh my God
2) I want that
3) What the hell.. (this is when i mess up things in my kitchen)
4) I wanna sleep (i love doing this.. anytime!!)
5) Pls ya... Dont do that. (i keep telling this to my 1 year old Daughter)
6) Hmm... it was awesome (after having a heavy delicious meal)
7) Give me a break!!

7 things I did
1) I sang for my school coir team.
2) I took orange belt in Karate
3) I could dive from 10 feet high
4) I had inserted a bunch of grasses to one of my classmate's belt sitting back of her who the next moment won the best guide award. (my face had turned red when she got up to recieve the award.)
5) Climb trees
6) knit
7) Went to Court (had a minor accident)

7 things I do now
1) Cook and bake
2) Blogging
3) Full time busy with my daughter
4) Browse
5) Lots of shopping
6) Watch lots of movies
7) Go for a walk

7 things I want to do
1) Sky Diving
2) Attend a baking course
3) Want to get back to my country, India.
4) Paint and sketch (not finding time..)
5) Want to own a big Kitchen with all the facilities
6) Want to loose weight
7) Want to be independent

7 things that attract me about the opposite sex
1) Style
2) Looks
3) Smile
4) Height
5) Honesty
6) Punctuality
7) Eyes

7 favorite foods
1) Vegetable Pulav
2) Chocolate brownie
3) Cakes and pastrys
4) Bread
5) Onion pakoda
6) Apple strudel
7) Butterscotch ice cream with roasted nuts and honey

7 other Bloggers to whom i want to pass on this award to..
1) Divya Vikram of "Dil se"
2) Sweetiepie of "Whats dessert for today"
3) Sia of "Monsoon spice"
4) Natalie gauci of "Snooky Doodle Cakes"
5) Irene of "Of Dreams and Sweets"
6) Amy of "Nook & Pantry"
7) Sunita of "Sunita's world"

I just love going through their blogs and recipes and its fun trying them out. I congratulate all of you. So i request all of you to come out of your usual blog work and have fun answering these questions and do pass on this award to 7 other fellow bloggers to whom you appreciate.

Once again i congratulate you all who have recieved the awards :)


Kitchen Flavours of yummy food has honored me with the "360 deg Foodie Award". Thanks a ton.

Have fun!


Muneeba of 'An Edible Symphony' has presented me with this award "One lovely Blog Award". I'm glad you liked my blog Muneeba. Thank you.


I thank Lone Acorn for presenting me with this "Kreativ Blogger Award".

OK, now 7 things about me, you may not know..

* I love fantasy movies.
* I sometimes cry when watching senti movies.
* I love junk food. Cant stop eating them.
* I love going to amusement parks. My husband says he has two kids to look after. One is me and other is my daughter.
* I'm very lazy.
* My all time favorite food is Vegetable Pulao and chocolate mousse.
* I'm very particular about cleanliness. If things are scattered, i'll go mad.


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